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Jason Lytle - "Dept. Of Disappearance"

Indie, Rock

Jason Lytle's second album is a real treat. If you've been wanting Grandaddy to produce a new album, you may as well pretend that this is it. Dept. Of Disappearance is as good as the best Grandaddy output, on a few songs maybe even better.

Emeralds - "Just to Feel Anything"

Alternative, Electronic, Krautrock

Emeralds return after two years with an album that heads in a slightly different direction. The heavy layers of delayed arpeggio synths are mostly gone, replaced by a more driving guitar based sound.

Bloc 2012: the death of the urban festival

In 'Self' on Sat 27 Jul 2013, by Andy

It’s funny that the organisers of Bloc 2012 pitched the event and location as an urban dystopia. They at least got that part right.

Watch the video.


In 'Self' on Wed 18 Jul 2012, by Andy

Japan is probably the furthest away I've ever traveled, if not in distance then at least culturally. The place is utterly confusing, a country poised between two cultural extremes. It is an amazing spectacle and a fantastic place. More after the break.

Think current gen consoles are out of date?

In 'Geek' on Fri 08 Jun 2012, by Andy

They are ancient! Epic have just released a real time demo of the Unreal Engine 4. This is the engine that will power a good portion of the next generation of games. Wondering what Playstation 4 or Xbox 720 games will look like? It may not be so different from this. The demo itself runs on PC hardware that is available to buy now. Unfortunately because the consoles are holding back PC games, you'll not get to play anything near as impressive as this until the new batch come out (late 2013?). Can't wait, unfortunately by the time we actually get to play these games it'll be the norm anyway. Bugger.

Watch the video.

Diablo 3

In 'Geek' on Thu 24 May 2012, by Andy

Diablo 3 It's been twelve years since the last Diablo game, since then Blizzard have become quite a different beast. The success of World of Warcraft and its millions of monthly subscribers, Starcraft 2 with its pro-games tournament domination and the merger with Activision means they are not exactly short of money. Has ten years of development paid off, or were Blizzard distracted over the years by its other big successes?



A project blog I designed and developed for 3D Artist / Innovation Developer Stuart Dernelay using Python. The site allow for new projects to be set up on the fly, each one featuring a seperate blog.

You Are See

You Are See

The first of my music projects. Songs ranging from when I just started out to present day. It's usually 8-bit tinged progressive electronica.



I'm currently learning Arduino with a view to creating some interactive multimedia, probably involving web interfaces. I've got a couple of things in mind, but you have to start at the start!

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