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Lorn - “Ask The Dust”

Lorn - Ask The Dust

Year : 2012
Genre : Dubstep, Electronic, Hip-Hop

Lorn's debut was unusual. It's dark, cold, fluid soundscapes both ensnared you as a listener and yet somehow kept you feeling distanced. It still amazes me that a song off such an album made it onto the blissfully overjoyed “Little Big Planet” - it's just so dark (although the use of that particular song was genius). Marcos Ortega’s sophomore brings more of the same with some twists, but can it match the precise balance and atmosphere of “Nothing Else”?

Unfortunately not. It's worth a go, don't get me wrong... It's not a bad album. Unfortunately I just think he took the easy road with the direction of his sound. Instead of picking up on the interesting details that made "Nothing Else" stand apart from the pack, he seems to have given in to many of the formulas that plague the genre. "Ask The Dusk" sounds less fresh, the concepts don't feel ground breaking, the sound is a little bit too familiar, the crunching bass lines have been done to death. I doubt there's much here to keep someone coming back to pick up on the details.

Words by Andy.

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