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Compressed 02

Posted in Videos on Thu 15 Mar 2012 by Andy

Check out this piece by Kim Pimmel. He uses macro lenses, time lapse techniques and soap bubbles with ferrofluid to create an interesting effect that's almost menacing in a kind of biological/alien way.

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Posted in Videos on Mon 06 Feb 2012 by Andrew Hillel

A design shop with some pretty interesting ideas. Take a look at some of their shorts, featuring some really unusual and witty pieces about motion that actually made me laugh out loud - although I have no idea why.

Checkout for more of their work.

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Mathew Dear - In the Middle (I Met You There)

Posted in Videos on Tue 24 Jan 2012 by Andrew Hillel

Mathew Dear isn't my favourite artist on Ghostly International, but I have to hand it to him, this video is pretty special. I'm thinking it must be pretty damn hard to make a music video that is so utterly abstract interesting for the duration of a song. This is mesmerising.

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