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Teenage Engineering Oplab

Posted in Tech on Tue 24 Jan 2012 by Andrew Hillel

Teenage Engineering OplabHere's a bit of a gambit by the synth maker Teenage Engineering. The Oplab is effectively Arduino for music. It looks like an entertaining but ultimately overpriced bit of kit.

The kit comes with a mainboard that functions much like Arduino, and various modules that perform different functions. Modules include tilt sensors, pressure sensitive pads and bizarrely a broken hard drive that can be used as a controller.

The potential of this is that you can connect external devices to the Arduino like mainboard and then control them all together using custom controllers of your own design. What I’m struggling to see is the benefits of this over Arduino itself. From what I've seen, Arduino has quite a powerful set of shields that allow for midi manipulation, and seems to be much more flexible than the Oplab.

In either case I'm going to keep an eye out on what people manage to make with the Oplab, just out of curiosity.

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