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Post - reram


Posted in on Tue 21 Feb 2012 by Andrew Hillel

Imagine a computer without loading times. You might be thinking solid state hard drives are the answer but whilst they definitely speed things up, they still can't match the speed of random access memory.

The problem with RAM is that it is volitile. This means that, whilst it is extremely fast, it loses everything as soon as you turn your computer off. ReRAM is as fast as RAM and is non-volatile – meaning it can be used for storage as well as system memory.

There have been major advancements in recent years which mean we could see such a technology hitting the consumer markets within our lifetime at least. Storage speed is still the major bottleneck in modern computers, even with the advent of SSDs. Once system memory and on board storage is merged though, everything will load almost instantly leaving only computationally intensive tasks taking time to process.

The fact that SanDisk, amongst others, are jumping on the technology suggests that the technology has a decent chance of hitting the mainstream, even if it is only as a form of flash memory to start with.

With major advances such as this (and others, most notably involving transistors) on the horizon I can’t help wonder how long before Moors’s Law is broken; surely it is only a matter of time.

We can only hope. The singularity beckons, bagsy the first super computer brain uploady device thing.

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